martes, 17 de abril de 2012


The decision of the Doe Run Peru Board of Creditors, taken on Thursday April 12 is the result of the irresponsible behavior of the company, which presented a restructuring plan with unacceptable conditions and was rejected. It should be clear that Doe Run and Renco’s officials are the only responsible for the current situation.

Unlike previous years, it appears that the Peruvian Executive authorities have understood that the company is not willing to comply with Peruvian law and the commitments assumed. We hope that this firm attitude is maintained until a final and comprehensive output is reached to resolve the problems caused by Doe Run.

However, after the decision taken and with this new scenario, several questions that must be resolved in the shortest period of time remain. As it is known, the company has entered into a process called “liquidacion en marcha”, aimed to preserve the unity of the business, i.e. operations to continue and that workers retain their jobs. During a period of approximately 6 months, there will be a liquidator to manage the company. While it is important to ensure 100% of jobs, we must not forget that the company has a significant debt to La Oroya, in terms of environmental and public health.

And some questions that arise are: Who will be the liquidator of the company? What will happen to the pending construction of the sulfuric acid plant? What will ensure that the environmental commitments will be fulfilled?

Surely the company will continue with the international arbitration demand against the Peruvian State and stubbornly continue to insist that all Peruvians should assume the many legal complaints of the effects on the health of La Oroya because of their irresponsible behavior.

Our authorities should not lose sight of all these variables since is the only way to reach a comprehensive solution for La Oroya, that preserves the health of its population and the jobs for the workers of the metallurgical complex.

Under the  current context, we call for all actors of La Oroya to prioritize  dialogue and avoid any kind of confrontation, or acts of violence that prevent the free movement of the population.

Lima, April 16, 2012

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